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 Shinigami Academy: Entrance

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Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji
3rd Seat
3rd Seat
Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji

Also Known As : Hiro
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 262
Age : 22
Squad : 7th. Fur arouses my... fighting spirit.
Location : Training for months in the Dangai. Naked.
Humor : Smoking hot. Wait was that humor?
Job/hobbies : Training, Jiu Jitsu, playing the drums, my wife, ecchi, and training.
Favorite Food : Curry lamb with honey, pineapple and peppered rice.
Comments : Guests I wanna talk to you!
Come don't be shy!
Birthday : 1996-07-17

Shinigami Academy: Entrance Empty
PostSubject: Shinigami Academy: Entrance   Shinigami Academy: Entrance Icon_minitimeSun Jun 05, 2016 7:15 pm

See: Eventful night down the streets

I got up early this mornin'.
After some healthy stretches, I counted my foster bros and sis still yawning, making sure everyone of these wolfies were present.
Grabbing a banana and a sip of water for breakfast, i step outside and run to the Academy doors.

Man, so many new students!
...Ugh I wonder if I'm gonna blend in well.

Walking among the small groups of students, my back straight as ever, I try not to look too grumpy and find myself a spot to wait for the entrance to open.

As the bell rings, I go to the room I was assigned -as said on a sheet on the outer walls.

The classroom looks spacious, well lit by numerous large windows facing the courtyard and training grounds.
About 30 students are gathered, and I take a seat next to a girl who looks my age (on the outside, at least). She is having a hard time hiding her yawns, but nicely agrees with me being her neighbor.

Introductions go smoothly. I can easily feel how most students are a bit tense. This is the Shinigami Academy, after all.
As my turn arrives, I try to cool down and it goes like this:
"Good morning everyone! My name is Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji. Erm...I guess you can call me Hiro for short and...I hope we get along well. Ah, also martial arts is my strong point! So if anyone wishes to learn or teach me stuff, never hesitate. Best of luck to everyone this year."

I cough on the way back to my seat, probably due to the windows being open. I dislike showing this ill part of myself but I guess it can't be helped.

My neighbor introduces herself in a timid, brief speech:
"Er...hello...I'm... Usagiyoshi Sumiko...pleased to meet you. Er...that's all."
Her black shoulder-length hair waves slowly as she moves her head from one side of the classroom to the other. Hmm, guess she's just scared for now...she sounds like a fair person, that's good.

She quickly goes back to her seat, entering a very silent mode.

I noticed some guys whose intro was interesting. I should ask them for lunch.
My neck cracks as I rub it while our teacher, a tall, slend woman named Teruko, enlightens us about today's programm as well as the Academy values and expectations out of us.

She got nice red hair and big boo...erm. Kendo first, huh?
I discreetly peek at miss Sumiko. She doesn't seem pleased to be here at all. I internly hope I'll be able to cheer her up a bit later.

We eventually stand up and make our way to the kendo grounds.
Sumiko sticks by my side while looking at her feet.

I hope the teacher won't play it too hard on us newbies.

See next: Kendo is all about slashing in a straight line

Hit your keyboard faster than a bullet.
Let's go kids, shout with me! 
We wanna bang bang!
Shinigami Academy: Entrance Bang_b10

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Satori Tsukihô
4th Seat
4th Seat
Satori Tsukihô

Also Known As : Pastavore
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 179
Age : 20
Squad : 9th, with Hisagi-senpaaai
Location : On the clouds :D
Humor : Want to kick Quincies's asses...
Job/hobbies : Writing, reading, drawing, watching animes, listening to music !
Favorite Food : Chili con carne *^*
Comments : I never thought our forum would become real. I can't wait for the day we'll be fighting and have fun in the action *o*
Birthday : 1998-07-07

Shinigami Academy: Entrance Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shinigami Academy: Entrance   Shinigami Academy: Entrance Icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2016 11:34 am

My head was hurting as hell, but I still succeded to wake and get up.
Once I did, I walk to the mirror of my room, I see my face and sigh.

Well, that's not looking good at all.

I start brushing my fluffy hair and pour cold water on my face to make it look better. At the end, it looks a little bit more presentable, and I just put on my sunglasses, hoping nobody will pay attention to the dark circles under my eyes.
I finally leave my room and walk staight to the Academy, avoiding the dorm mom on the way.

First thing I notice, as I arrive, is the amount of people out here. Geez, that makes a lot of hypotetical friends and ennemies. I smile, excited, and remember that it is almost time and start to rush (as I could rush between so many people), looking for an entrance, and for my classroom.

"Sorry, sorry, I'm going through..."

I finally find my class with a sigh of relief, and enter normally as I nothing happened. Seems like I'm just in time, people are all sitting down. Mission succeeded !
I smile again and find a place near to a half-asleep guy, saying hello and then waiting.

That's an interesting day that begins, I'm wondering how my teacher will look like...

I will be your deadmaaaaaaaaaaaan ~
With nothing but this blooooooood on my haaaaaands ~
Ah, I love that opening.

When I'm bored, I watch AMVs. Some of them are just fabulous o/

Since I have discovered how to make that sign : ~ I'm putting it everywhere. I mean, isn't it so stylish ? ~ ~ ~ ~

Devilman is one of the fucking best manga ever.
Read it.

Shinigami Academy: Entrance Devilm13
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Ruyuz Tachibana
5th Seat
5th Seat
Ruyuz Tachibana

Also Known As : Master of Slang
Join date : 2015-02-23
Posts : 67
Age : 24
Squad : 8th squad. Beware the flower petals.
Location : Sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon.
Humor : Satirical
Job/hobbies : Training, teasing Kerberos, sleeping in sunny and warm places and playing with fire.
Favorite Food : Green tea mochi, green tea flavored snacks in general
Comments : ~Demonic looking black dog(Kerberos)~
Keep moving insolent brats or stay and become prey.
Birthday : 1994-12-06

Shinigami Academy: Entrance Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shinigami Academy: Entrance   Shinigami Academy: Entrance Icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2016 7:20 pm

See: Waking up at the 8th Squad barracks

I arrive at the Academy early as expected a bit before classes officially start. I make my way to the meeting with the head of the Academy, Kashi Senju.

Looks like things have not changed much around here…well not like I was here long enough to know if much changed anyway.

Reaching the Head of the Academy’s office I knock politely and wait for a clear invitation to enter. The door partially slides open and Senju-san’s head peeks around he smiles brightly and sliding the door fully open and ushers me inside.

 “You must be Tachibana-san. Pleasure to meet you. If I remember correctly you were one of our early graduates quite some time ago. Welcome back. Hmm…let us see here where you will be”, Senju-san riffles through some papers on his desk. “Ah! Here we are. You will being teaching Hohō and also assisting with a Hakuda class."

I internally celebrate at teaching a specialty of mine. A specialty that got me scouted by the 2nd squad soon after graduating before my decision on joining the 8th.

I finish speaking with Senju about my duties as a teacher and exit his office. I then make my way to the joint class of Hakuda and Hohō.


I pivot on my left heel to turn and look at whomever shouted my name so familiarly. I am greeted with a familiar face, the face of my former Zanjutsu teacher, Hayate Gekkō. The only teacher I liked and got acquainted with in my days at the Academy.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes. Though I hear you are going by Tachibana-sensei now.” Hayate says teasingly with a boisterous laugh.

“Yes it would seem I am now a sensei if only temporarily.”

“Well as much as I would love to catch up I have a bit of a proposal for you.”


Ah so this little bumping into each other had a purpose. This ought to be interesting.

“I have already spoken to the head about this. I want you teaching a special class of those who’s Zanpakutos are two and those that have obtained Shikai that split into two.”

I should have seen this coming. Hayate has been trying to get the Academy to also teach the way of two swords for years now. I am the only person to know the way of two swords that isn’t a captain. It has never gotten through on the account it is very rare for anyone to obtain dual Zanpakutos. There are only a handful of people, myself included.

Before I can protest on teaching another class Hayate begins to explain his idea.

“You can be selective on who to teach if they don’t meet a certain criteria. There is also no guarantee that the class will fill up for you to teach if no one shows any promise.”

I think on it a bit.

He is right it is rare and even rarer for a Zanpakuto to warm up to their welder to obtain shikai anytime soon for me to teach them. Just establishing the class is a huge milestone for Hayate even if it doesn’t fill up. On the other hand it would be pointless if there are not any students in said class.

“Also if you agree I’ll make you my special green tea and green tea mochi.”

I am sad to say that bribe stopped me in my tracks. To be fair his secret recipes with green tea are phenomenal and I have yet to find better. Decisions…decisions. Ugh! What can it hurt?

“Fine, I agree.” Albeit reluctantly.

Hayate smiles brightly and thanks me for agreeing and makes his way to Senju-san’s office to tell him the good news. As he does that I make my way again to the joint class room.

Shinigami Academy: Entrance Wolf210
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Shinigami Academy: Entrance Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shinigami Academy: Entrance   Shinigami Academy: Entrance Icon_minitime

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Shinigami Academy: Entrance
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