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 Soul Society - 10th Squad District

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Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji
3rd Seat
3rd Seat
Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji

Also Known As : Hiro
Join date : 2015-02-12
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Age : 22
Squad : 7th. Fur arouses my... fighting spirit.
Location : Training for months in the Dangai. Naked.
Humor : Smoking hot. Wait was that humor?
Job/hobbies : Training, Jiu Jitsu, playing the drums, my wife, ecchi, and training.
Favorite Food : Curry lamb with honey, pineapple and peppered rice.
Comments : Guests I wanna talk to you!
Come don't be shy!
Birthday : 1996-07-17

PostSubject: Soul Society - 10th Squad District   Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:49 pm

Wanna cuddle Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro and/or his Vice-Captain Matsumoto Rangiku? Feel free to join!

Hit your keyboard faster than a bullet.
Let's go kids, shout with me! 
We wanna bang bang!

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Hoshino Mayu
4th Seat
4th Seat
Hoshino Mayu

Also Known As : Senpai
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 167
Age : 24
Squad : 10th Division (Previous Vice Captain of 14th)
Location : Chillin' in the human world
Humor : Fangirling on Hak-kun <3
Job/hobbies : Tai Chi, Scientific experimentations, Assisting Captain Tsurai, and teasing my kohai! <3
Favorite Food : Makizushi <3
Comments : This forum is so good, I wish I could spend my whole life here!
Birthday : 1994-05-10

PostSubject: Re: Soul Society - 10th Squad District   Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:09 am

Where for me, it all started.

Wandering the 10th squad headquarters... I take a look around. Hmm... no shadow today either.

Finally! Ever since I threw a fit years ago to Captain Yamamoto after he refused to allow me, nor anyone else for that matter, to rescue my dear captain, he has placed me under surveillance. 
However, that didn't stop me from making my preparations for when they finally slip up. Since the beginning I've been stashing supplies that'll be necessary for my stay in the World of the Living, buying a little bit at a time every so often as to not raise suspicion. 
I convinced Captain Yamamoto that the Gotei would be better off with just the 13 Squads and that my team, as well as myself, would assist the other groups. Eventually it was agreed upon and the 14th Squad was disbanded. 
At that point I could now move more freely without having to worry about my kohai getting involved or punished for my future actions. 
As I waited to finally be freed from suspicion I trained every day to sharpen my skills and plan out tactics so that I can make it through to the Human World without killing those who might stand in my way. 
Everything was perfect... except my plan on finding him... the only way I knew to find him... was possibly following the reiraku and hoping that it'll be similar to how he always was. 
But ready or not... I am leaving soon, possibly tonight... they let up on me for two weeks now... I can't afford to wait for them to change their minds. . . So tonight for sure!  

"Now where can that adorable Captain Hitsugaya be? He must be..."

I peak into his office. Gottcha. He is steadily working, going through stacks of paperwork. In the corner Vice Captain Matsumoto is sleeping...

"Come on... Matsu... Get it together."

I whispered with a smirk. I have to admit... after all, years of being third in command in the 10th Squad wasn't all that bad. I had decided to slack off a bit, since I wasn't really that serious about officially joining but I didn't want to cause more suspicion by not trying at all.. so 3rd seat haha... Matsumoto is really interesting to say the least but the reason I joined this Squad was because of the Captain. 
Not only is he adorable but they say his zanpakuto/spirit power awakened at an early age, before he was a shinigami, and tried to talk to him - just like what happened to me. They've all been very kind to me all these years and I hate to think about how much trouble I will bring them with my actions. 
I suppose I should greet them one last time... since if I ever go back to the Soul Society... it'll probably be in shackles.

I run up to Captain Hitsugaya, trying to be as quiet as possible and hide my presence. Hitsugaya looks up. Of course a Captain would notice~ I smile. I jump and tackle him shouting, "To-shi-ro~<3"

"Eh! Mayu!" (He was confused at first, which then turned into frustration) "Get off! And it's CAPTAIN HITSUGAYA!"

"Haha! You're so cute Toshiro~" I stick my tongue out at him teasingly. Hitsugaya seems to get red in the cheeks be it from anger, embarrassment, or some combination of the two... I'm not too sure but it sure makes me want to tease him even more. "Ehh? Are you angry Toshiro-chan? You wanna fight?" I smirk.

"You know fighting against your Captain is illegal, idiot." He says as he hits me in the head with the back of a book.

"Ouch... Yeah... I know, I know." I wink and smirk at him. Trying to keep from laughing, I change the subject. "Alright in all seriousness now. I finished all of my work early today, need any help with yours?"

He takes me up on my offer and I stay for hours going through those damned papers!

"Oh I almost forgot! I made these sweets for you and Vice Captain Matsumoto... I mean I made too much for just myself so..." I set the box of homemade candies on his desk. Matsumoto had woken up sometime after I arrived and was sent off to work. "See ya tomorrow Captain Hitsugaya!" I try to hide my wary smile as I walk out of the office, he doesn't seem to notice. I close the door.

Thanks for everything I whisper to myself.

Now then. . . off to get my things and prepare to leave. I walk outside and look up to the sky, it was beautiful night. 

"It's gotten pretty late already, huh..." 
Suddenly I remember that I had promised to go to the pub to meet with Hiro-kun. 
I suppose I should tie up any loose ends there too. It would be suspicious if I'm a no show. Besides he's such a kind man... I suppose it would be a shame to not have one last good memory before I leave. I wonder if he'll like some of my sweets too? Ahh... but would that be out of character? I blush. Well I still have enough at my place... I could give it to everyone not only him... isn't he always with that Noble brat? I guess I'll just give some to everyone, what the hell. I'll be a bit late though. I head towards my house in a hurry to pack up my things for a quick getaway and pack the remainder of my sweets. I head towards the pub into the cool night feeling a little bittersweet along the way. . .

Continue reading at: The Pub

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Hoshino Mayu
4th Seat
4th Seat
Hoshino Mayu

Also Known As : Senpai
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 167
Age : 24
Squad : 10th Division (Previous Vice Captain of 14th)
Location : Chillin' in the human world
Humor : Fangirling on Hak-kun <3
Job/hobbies : Tai Chi, Scientific experimentations, Assisting Captain Tsurai, and teasing my kohai! <3
Favorite Food : Makizushi <3
Comments : This forum is so good, I wish I could spend my whole life here!
Birthday : 1994-05-10

PostSubject: Re: Soul Society - 10th Squad District   Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:57 pm

See: Satori and Hiro's home

After our little discussion at Satori and Hiro’s mansion, I quickly finished my breakfast, took a bath, and ran out to go talk to Captain Hitsugaya. 

Wow. I thought that I wouldn’t be coming back to this place... A lot has changed since yesterday. I sigh. Well now... At this time of day... Hitsugaya should be at his office still. Besides we still had some work to do there when we stopped for the night. I knock on his office door. “Taichou?”

Hitsugaya: “Come in Mayu.” I enter the room. “You’re late!” His looks sort of irritated.

“Haha! Sorry ‘bout that Taichou! I had an interesting night.” I look around the room. “Where’s Matsumoto-san?”

Hitsugaya: “That’s what I’d like to know! She’s always...” 

“Ganbatte~” I smile. Their relationship is SO cute!
I sigh again. But how am I going to bring this up to him... “Hey… About last night. A bunch of friends of mine requested my help on a mission…” I explain what I had heard from them the night before. 

Hitsugaya: “Hmm… I’ve heard about that mission... And?”

“…and I would like to go since I am a bit worried about them going on their own. I would like your support and permission to do so! Please!” I bow (Saikeirei). 
 Oh man! What am I going to do if he says no?! I peak a look at him, his eyebrows are knit together. An overall look of unease spreads about him.  I expected as much... please don’t say no!

Hitsugaya: “... Mayu... it can’t be that you... Are you still trying to use this mission... to save him?” 

My heart skips a beat. Crap. Of course he’d catch on to that. It’s freakin Hitsugaya Taichou we’re talkin’ ‘bout! Double crap. “... You know it’s probably... too late don’t you?”

I feel tears welling up. Well... he already knows. What’s the harm in telling him the truth now?
“I... I...” I clear my throat. 

“Rest assured, Taichou. I am fully committed to this mission as well and will put the safety of my friends and comrades above all else, since they are depending on me... I will never let any of them die.” 
Never again. 
“...or compromise the mission... but I cannot give up on him either. I can’t just let it go just like that! I promise I won’t compromise the mission and that I will only search for him during appropriate time. I have to see for myself. If his presence is really gone from both realms… Or if he’s truly out there in need of help... I can’t call myself a true friend let alone a decent person if I just ignore it completely! Please! Please allow it Hitsugaya Taichou!” 

I form a deep bow, my forehead touching the ground. The silence continues for what seems like an eternity. Then I hear him sigh. 

Hitsugaya: “Raise your head Mayu ...” I do as instructed and warily meet his gaze. “This is your mission. Go and support the others on the scouting mission... Try to avoid combat if possible, if not it’s your duty to take it down. As a side mission, see if you can spot any signs of Captain Tsurai and report back to me.”

My eyebrows raise in shock. “Y-you mean?!” I feel a tear slip down my cheek as I see him nod. Does this mean he is going to cover for me?! "But what should I do if I happen to find him?”

Hitsugaya: “Bring him back if possible… but don’t go out of your way to do so. You understand Mayu? If anything goes wrong, it’ll all be on you.”

“Ryoukai! I shall successfully complete my mission and return everyone home safely.” I smile. If I have him on my side and the other two got some other people to support me as well then there shouldn’t be a problem!

Hitsugaya: “But if you are going to the mission… You’re going to be late.”

“Ehhh?!” He’s right we are supposed to meet up soon! I bow one last time. “Thank you Hitsugaya Taichou! I’ll never forget this!” I say as I hug him tight and he pushes me off. 

Hitsugaya: “There’s just one last thing...” He whispers to me. Ehh… is that so?

I dart out of the room and head towards my house. Thank God I had already gathered things the night before! I make a quick stop there to pick up a few things and rush towards the meeting place. 

Continue at: Senkaimon
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PostSubject: Re: Soul Society - 10th Squad District   

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Soul Society - 10th Squad District
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