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Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji
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3rd Seat
Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji

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PostSubject: SoulCalibur IV   SoulCalibur IV Icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2016 1:21 pm

Lucky you! I miraculously have time to write a review today!  Yay! Sweet Green

Onwards, towards a masterpiece of brawling:

SoulCalibur IV Soulca10

   This is a typical one-on-one fighting game, were each player shines by aggresively smashing the bare half or his controller.
   Multiple attacks are available, but to sum it up, you switch between slasheskicks, guard and arm/leg locks.
   Powerful attacks and locks can be performed by using specific patterns of keys (such as A+The Shining, giving you the upper hand during combat while heavily damaging your sworn enemy -aka bestie chilling out right next to you.

SoulCalibur IV Fight110

The game is from 2008, from Namco Bandai (in Japan) and Ubisoft (release in Europe).
As you may have guessed by now, it's the 4th or the Soul series.
Since I have it on XBox360, if you don't, then don't ask me for PS4 combos.

Things you might find unpleasant regarding SC4:

  • Spamming. If it's your first time playing this style of game, you will quickly learn which one of your kicks works on your opponent, thus falling into the Spamming Abyss and only ever smash that one button to kill your opponent. Trust me, sadly, it can do the job.
  • Boredom. From spamming (or, less exageratively, fighting with only primary attacks), you will quickly think that the game is going wrong. You might find yourself in a dangerous position -Have I really been using all the same moves with every character to beat'em all?
  • Maps. Given it's a fighting game, not that surprising, but the maps -in spite of their diversity and detail- are basically about wall or holes, without much impact on the fight. Still, Ring Out! (when you push an opponent out of the map limits) can be pretty fun.
  • Stereotypes. Yes, it's a fighting game, and yes of course, guys are overly muscular and girls have absurdly nice racks. Don't think the girls get overpowered by guys though.
  • Story. I haven't played it myself, but from what my bro told me it's quite boring and absurd with nothing but fights. Let's be honest the scenario ain't the main point of such games anyway.

SoulCalibur IV Fight310

What I loved in this game:

  • With over 30 playable characters, each of them with a unique weapon type and combat style, SC4 goes for diversity. There's a style for each and every taste. As an example, my mate is into the Chinese Large Sword, Katana, Nodachi, and Sword&Shield; whereas I like Shoulder Blades, Chinese Spear, Ninja Twin Swords, and Circular Blade.

SoulCalibur IV Soul_c10

  • Also, yes, Yoda, Darth Vader and the Apprentice are available. Yes, those from Star Wars. I have to admit Yoda and the Apprentice are broken. As in overpowered. Yoda is so tiny you can't ever lock him, yet he can lock you. Damned green old monster.

SoulCalibur IV Yoda10

  • High-level of fighting looks real good. While I told you about the disatrous effects of spamming, once you've gotten the hold of combos, locks and Criticals, the fights look entirely different. It's not that hard to master (come on, even I did), and truly rewarding.

SoulCalibur IV Fight210

SoulCalibur IV Combo10

  • Character Creation. This is probably the bast part for me. You may chose a combat style, before creating your own character the way you want it. Overall build, clothing, but even voice and voice pitches! Imagination rules and the results can be hilarious.

SoulCalibur IV 43dbd010
Disclaimer. Not what I do, I have pride.
I'm more into sun-tanned surfers with shiny green hair, or nurses with claws.

I hope you'll give it a try. Have fun and enjoy the ride, 
Lovya  Flap Flap

Hit your keyboard faster than a bullet.
Let's go kids, shout with me! 
We wanna bang bang!
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