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 Regarding the End of Bleach

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Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji
3rd Seat
3rd Seat

Also Known As : Hiro
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 262
Age : 22
Squad : 7th. Fur arouses my... fighting spirit.
Location : Training for months in the Dangai. Naked.
Humor : Smoking hot. Wait was that humor?
Job/hobbies : Training, Jiu Jitsu, playing the drums, my wife, ecchi, and training.
Favorite Food : Curry lamb with honey, pineapple and peppered rice.
Comments : Guests I wanna talk to you!
Come don't be shy!
Birthday : 1996-07-17

PostSubject: Regarding the End of Bleach   Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:43 pm

Hello there!
Damn, with all them holidays it's been ages since I last dropped any consistent matter in this section.

Sidenote: Yes! I've made it into Medecine 2nd year!  Sanosuke
I had to put all my cells into passing the finals for the two semesters, which is why I couldn't be as active here as I used to be last year (when we created the forum etc...which er...might have pushed me to recap this 1st year of Med lol Laughing . But hey I made friends here so  Wink ).
All's well that ends well.

Speaking of which, and as shown in the title, our beloved manga, Bleach, has ended.

I've loved it since the first episode and I was sincerely really proud to see how excellent at drawing Tite Kubo had gotten over the years.

However, I'll be honest, it's been a tough ride. Especially for this last Arc.
With adding many new characters always comes the clash between developping the backstories of old ones, giving enough showtime to everyone, all that without slowing down the overall storyline.

So yes, most of the chars of the last arc disappointed me, many old chars got almost erased but the 2-3 with fanarmor. Sad.
Moreover and as many readers know, the editor has pretty much ordered to cut the show because of bad rankings. Bleach won't be the first nor the last manga to end abruptly like this.
Go read Bakuman sweethearts. Censorship is hard.
Anyone reading the last Arc without knowing the story behing the scenes will surely be like  Terrorified "Wut so where did the enemies go? Man, weren't you supposed to fight like 5 chapters ago? Guys come on!"

As much as I got disappointed many times, I'm okay with the visible efforts here and there to get the initial humor back, as well as some really meaningful panels in the last chapters.

Does that mean I'm happy the show ended the way it did? Well...nah. Most obviously lel.

Does it imply I'll loath Bleach till I'm verrry old (and slightly less handsome) and drop this forum? Nah!

I ain't here for bitchin, biatches!  Razz

We love the legacy of Bleach universe, and we created this forum mostly to write a story and have fun together, and I wanna keep that.

Care for a ride? Then let's go!

Hit your keyboard faster than a bullet.
Let's go kids, shout with me! 
We wanna bang bang!
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Satori Tsukihô
4th Seat
4th Seat

Also Known As : Pastavore
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 179
Age : 20
Squad : 9th, with Hisagi-senpaaai
Location : On the clouds :D
Humor : Want to kick Quincies's asses...
Job/hobbies : Writing, reading, drawing, watching animes, listening to music !
Favorite Food : Chili con carne *^*
Comments : I never thought our forum would become real. I can't wait for the day we'll be fighting and have fun in the action *o*
Birthday : 1998-07-07

PostSubject: Re: Regarding the End of Bleach   Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:12 pm

Haha, I see what you mean. I'm very disappointed by the end, but the last arc had some good things too, and well...
Hem. Welp, I don't have anything to say about it, it's a very classical end, but, we can always remember the first Bleach arc, our favorite moment... I'm proud to be a Bleach fan, and I won't stop to be because of that end ! I really, really hope Kubo will now get rest, and I also hope he'll do another manga where he will be able to do what he want, with the end he wants. He deserves it, I'm convicted he's an awesome author !

I will be your deadmaaaaaaaaaaaan ~
With nothing but this blooooooood on my haaaaaands ~
Ah, I love that opening.

When I'm bored, I watch AMVs. Some of them are just fabulous o/

Since I have discovered how to make that sign : ~ I'm putting it everywhere. I mean, isn't it so stylish ? ~ ~ ~ ~

Devilman is one of the fucking best manga ever.
Read it.

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Hoshino Mayu
4th Seat
4th Seat

Also Known As : Senpai
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 167
Age : 24
Squad : 10th Division (Previous Vice Captain of 14th)
Location : Chillin' in the human world
Humor : Fangirling on Hak-kun <3
Job/hobbies : Tai Chi, Scientific experimentations, Assisting Captain Tsurai, and teasing my kohai! <3
Favorite Food : Makizushi <3
Comments : This forum is so good, I wish I could spend my whole life here!
Birthday : 1994-05-10

PostSubject: Re: Regarding the End of Bleach   Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:13 am

Hiro wrote:
Sidenote: Yes! I've made it into Medicine 2nd year! 

Haha So Proud of ya, hun. 

Hiro~ wrote:
I had to put all my cells into passing the finals for the two semesters, which is why I couldn't be as active here as I used to be last year (when we created the forum etc...which er...might have pushed me to recap this 1st year of Med lol  . But hey I made friends here so   ).

Last Chapter Hey now! Don't blame us haha we didn't meet you until your second semester Razz Now any issues within the second semester... well that's entirely possible  Cold Sweat We all used to live on this forum back then haha. I'm really glad we all got to be friends  Perfect Family

Hmm... Yeah I didn't like the ending very much...
The final arc wasn't my favorite and was full of problems... but still had some interesting parts! Despite how the series ended, I still love it and it has a special place in my heart~ Since I've been a fan since I was in Junior High... and hey it helped me meet you lovely Frenchies!  Dun Dun Duuunnn

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PostSubject: Re: Regarding the End of Bleach   

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Regarding the End of Bleach
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