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 Guild Wars 2: Battleplan

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Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji
3rd Seat
3rd Seat
Yowaiseishin Hiroshinji

Also Known As : Hiro
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 262
Age : 22
Squad : 7th. Fur arouses my... fighting spirit.
Location : Training for months in the Dangai. Naked.
Humor : Smoking hot. Wait was that humor?
Job/hobbies : Training, Jiu Jitsu, playing the drums, my wife, ecchi, and training.
Favorite Food : Curry lamb with honey, pineapple and peppered rice.
Comments : Guests I wanna talk to you!
Come don't be shy!
Birthday : 1996-07-17

Guild Wars 2: Battleplan Empty
PostSubject: Guild Wars 2: Battleplan   Guild Wars 2: Battleplan Icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2016 4:02 pm

Ta-dah! !

I know we already have a GW2 topic, but this is more about our little guild than for fresh newcomers.
Nonetheless, I'll remind everyone than Guild Wars 2 is freely downloadable on their official site.

Now then.
I've just started watching this anime called Log Horizon, and something very simply punched my face the moment the rpg characters started fighting.
They're coordinated as feck,
whereas we (Ruyuz-Mayu-Hiro) are absolutely not.

True, we haven't fought as a trio in forever (miss you Empress Sad), but here I thought that now that we all have max level characters (most specifically late, me lol  Laughing), I decided we might as well inform each other about our own class mechanics, skill set and specializations.

Our aim, if you're willing to reach it, shall be to know what strategy we can use as a 3-fighter-team.
That way, no one will get into each other's way, and I hope it'll help us chop down foes and tentacles with radiant paradoxal efficiency. LARP, all aboard!  Victory!

I have two chars, one Norn Warrior lvl 80 and a fresh new Human Engineer lvl16.
Of course Mr.Viking will be presented here.

Guild Wars 2: Battleplan Lvl_8010
Yeah I got more fur and pink hair now.
Crappy-looking equipment just for fun.

Warrior Class mechanic:
Each time you hit, you gain adrenaline. It stacks, and at level 80 you got 3 bars of adrenaline.
The specific Warrior mechanic skill is called Burst, a poweful attack which depends on the weapon used and is fuelled by adrenaline level. Just like with a toothpaste tube, the more juice you got the farther you can go. Reason why the longer the fight drags on the deadlier warriors are. Yeah, I heard "tank" too.
I use either an axe & shield or a rifle.
    The Axe comes with very quick attacks allowing to build up Adrenaline the fastest among all weapon choices, and can cripple foes which is good for support role.
Building Adrenaline fast means I can get Burst fast with maximum Adrenaline level, delivering an Axe Leap which basically deals massive damage.
    The Shield can be used to stun bad guys (support again) and of course for blocking attacks.

    The Rifle deals massive damage against a precise target with a lot of conditions so it's also good for support.
Note: all of my weapons have upgrades focusing on healing and stealing HP.

I picked the highest protection stuff available in heavy armour, and stacked on an upgrade which boosts Toughness, Vitality and lets me regen HP every second. Good for...yay tanking!  Mike the Welder
Note: Just like all of my equipment I still mixed boosts to both attack power and defense. I saw you coming Ru  Razz

Defiant Stance: Self Heal + Incoming attacks heal me for 3s
Dolyak Signet: Passive Toughness boost + Active Stability (against those boring ennemies who mess with movement). Breaks Stun.
Endure Pain: No damage taken from incoming attacks for 4s. Still susceptible to conditions. Breaks Stun.
For Great Justice: Massive attack boost to allies. Also heals (see Tactics Specialization below).
Elite Battle Standard: Banner which instantly revives allies, meaning if one of you falls down as long as I'm around the other one can lemme play nurse. Takes 120s to cool down.

Specializations (summed up):
Defense: obviously focused on my tank role. Shield skills recharge faster, reflect projectiles, and I'm overall waaay sturdier, especially after breaking out of a stun (which is why I picked the skills above). I also gain protection while reviving one of you.

Tactics: I picked the stuff which applies Might to allies (you deal more damage), heals them, and boosts shouts such as For Great Justice above.

Discipline: By swapping between my two weapon sets, I gain boosts, cure conditions and overload the Burst skill so more damage. I also have much greater chances to rally, with health and endurance boosts so that should also let you fight even while I'm down.

I can whistand most of the damage from big guys for a long time, and boost&heal y'all fast. As Mayu said yersteday I'm sorta your knight in shining armor  Wink
Just put me right in front of the swarm and I won't be moving an inch. Come at me bro!

Waiting for your stuff I just hope you'll have the courage to write it all down lol.

See you on the other side  Razz

Hit your keyboard faster than a bullet.
Let's go kids, shout with me! 
We wanna bang bang!
Guild Wars 2: Battleplan Bang_b10
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Hoshino Mayu
4th Seat
4th Seat
Hoshino Mayu

Also Known As : Senpai
Join date : 2015-02-12
Posts : 167
Age : 25
Squad : 10th Division (Previous Vice Captain of 14th)
Location : Chillin' in the human world
Humor : Fangirling on Hak-kun <3
Job/hobbies : Tai Chi, Scientific experimentations, Assisting Captain Tsurai, and teasing my kohai! <3
Favorite Food : Makizushi <3
Comments : This forum is so good, I wish I could spend my whole life here!
Birthday : 1994-05-10

Guild Wars 2: Battleplan Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guild Wars 2: Battleplan   Guild Wars 2: Battleplan Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2016 9:24 pm

Well without further ado. . . Here is my first character on Guild Wars, Naomi Elsbeth, who is a max level Mesmer. 

Guild Wars 2: Battleplan Gw02811
Mesmer Class Mechanics:
Mesmers are able to create illusions and then shatter them (like little bombs), which hurt and sometimes causes additional conditions to enemies. Such as: distortion (You're temporarily invulnerable), dazing (interupts enemies skills, temporarily stops attacks), and confusion.
I use my shatter skills sparingly, as often times my clones are more useful to me alive. Shatter skills are more powerful the more clones I spon.

I alternate between two weapons sets:
Greatsword- Allows me, strangely enough, to attack from afar. This is often the best course of action for me when I'm up against strong opponents and have a reliable team of tanks to work with. However, these attacks aren't as fast or as powerful as my other weapon set.
Dual swords- What I use when on my own or when I'm needed in the team to take down weaker enemies. Quick and powerful attacks allow me to dance around the battlefield and switch places with my clones when needed for quick escapes.

The best money can buy, fully upgraded. However, this class only has light armor, which means. . . I don't have much to protect myself and my HP is fairly low even as a max level character.

Prayer to Dwayna- Heals myself
Nullfield- Rips boons from foes and cures condistions on allies. Also give them super speed.
Portal Entre- Teleports allies away from danger (currently only in my under water skill set)
Phantasmal Disenchanter- Rips boons from enemies and conditions from allies then creates a clone that has those boons from the enemy and give conditions that were on allies to enemies.
Illusion of Life- (what is switched out when I'm underwater) Gets allies up from downed state and will fully revive them if they can kill the enemy within 15 seconds.


Illusions- Helps with shattering skills and illustions
Build: Illustionary retribution (confusion w/ shatter) -> Compounding Power (increased damage and condition damage per illusion) -> Illusionist's Celerity (Reduces charge time for illusion creating skills) -> Phantasmal Haste (phantasms attack more) -> Master of misdirection (confusion lasts longer & shatter skill charge is shorter) -> Ineptitude (Blocking or invading blinds foes)

Inspiration- Phantasms and healing (only use in team situations)
Build: Power Cleanse (removes conditons from myself and allies) -> persisting images (phantasms have more health & reflect oncoming damage back to foes) ->Inspiring Distortion (grants distortion to allies when I have it) -> Restorative illusions (heal and lose conditions w/ shatter) -> Healing Prism (when healing myself nearby allies also heal; more healing power the more active illusions) -> Illusionary Inspiration (Copys my boons to allies and grants regeneration to allies)

Chaos- Defense & application of boons and conditions
Build: Metaphysical Rejuvenation (gain regen when health is below threshold) -> Illusionary defense (less damage for each illusion) -> illusionary membrane (reduces oncoming damage when I have regen) -> Mirror of Anguish (shares conditions on me back to enemy) -> Chaotic Persistence (Time for boons increases for each boon I have active) -> Bountiful Disillusionment (When I use a shatter skill my allies and I gain a boon based on teh shatter skill I used. Also enemies can't put cetain conditions on me.)

Dueling- Blocking, Dodging, and Mantras (I use this in place of inspirtation when solo)

Summary: Master of confusion and Trickery. More of a support type character and prefers to work at mid to long range. Although, I can handle short fights at close range.

Guild Wars 2: Battleplan Does_j10
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Guild Wars 2: Battleplan
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